Bahdok Caverns
Bahdok Caverns
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kourna
Wehhan Terraces, Moddok Crevice
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General Information

Bahdok Caverns is a cave connecting Kourna and Vabbi. There is a river running along the western side of the cavern, and much of the lower, Southern half of it is full of shallow water. The north is higher up and drier. Until recently, the cave was mostly unknown, and was used as a smuggler's passage.


Shrines and Blessings









Great Beasts


Boss locations



  • Because the pools of water in the southeastern portion of this area are completely transparent, they will not show up if post-processing effects are disabled or shader quality is set to low in the graphics panel.
  • Bahdok Caverns contains a special Treasure in the Southern area. To get there, head east until you reach the multilevel pool area. Then head south as far as you can travel down the pools to the southern wall, the treasure is nearby. See Treasure for more information. The Immolated Djinn in this area spawn in front of the treasure after you use the Do Not Touch treasure..
  • NOTE: This area is underground, so it does not count towards Explorer Title Track.


  • Total foes: 257-304, depending on how many pop-ups are triggered.
  • A large portion of the northeast corner, excluding the lake with the dervish boss, but including the narrow passage past the north-central resurrection shrine, is populated by mandragor pop-ups only, and thus can be avoided entirely. Enter the area from the south, instead of from the west through the aforementioned passage, and stick to the southeastern wall to minimize the pop-ups encountered.
  • When killing Riseh The Harmless try not to aggro Commander Sehden, as they spawn very close together. In Hard Mode, these 2 bosses could wipe your party.

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