Sometimes even the best players need advice! This page is a tribute to the advice you may get if you ask the general population of GuildWars.

  • "Make sure you spend your attributes evenly, they become more expensive at higher levels, more diversity is better"
    • Who said it: The wammo that casts Frenzy and mending at the earliest opportunity, dies - then complains that the monk sucks for not saving him.
  • "I sell all my crafting materials at a merchent, especially ectos"
    • Who said it: Some guy, how he got ectos in the first place is beyond me
  • "Black Dye is only worth 1g!? So overrated. Anyone want it?"
    • Who said it: The person I most recently aquired a Black Dye from.
  • "Don't buy any skills otherwise they become too expensive"
    • Who said it: Some guy with no build, because he's afraid of prices of 1Platinum
  • "Hey, let's spend 2 hours setting up for HA before we actually play"
    • Who said it: The guy with too much free time.
  • "Hey, building a team's for chumps, let's just grab heroway and wing HA"
    • Who said it: A corpse on the floor of HA
  • "I've made an Assassin build that works like a tank"
    • Who said it: Someone who still doesn't understand what the "delete" button on the character select is for. No, I'm not saying sin is bad, only that if you can't play it properly, then it sucks
  • "RT, this humour page isn't actually that funny"
    • "Who said it: You
  • "Combine with Whirlwind to keep them on the coals even longer!"
    • — probably well-meaning advice, wisely wiped off the Notes section of Bed of Coals.

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