Avatar of Dwayna (NPC)
Avatar of Dwayna (NPC)
Species: Avatar
Level(s): 24, 30

The level 30 Avatar of Dwayna is the avatar of the goddess Dwayna. It can be summoned by kneeling at a Statue of Dwayna when the world has the Favor of the Gods. In explorable areas, each player may - in exchange for some gold - receive a blessing of Dwayna from the Avatar.


"Countless are the blessings of Dwayna. Do you wish to devote this offering to one in particular?"

Quests Given


See Statue of Dwayna for a list of locations.

Wintersday 2005 / 2006

Dwayna Wintersday

Dwayna Avatar during Wintersday

A level 24 Avatar of Dwayna competed against the Avatar of Grenth during the Wintersday competitions of 2005 and 2006.


"A joyous Wintersday to you all. Only through the warmth in our hearts can we bring an end to this season of cold and ice."

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