Aurus Trevess
Aurus Trevess
Species: Forgotten
Level(s): 20


Aurus Trevess provides information on the Foundry of Failed Creations, one of the exits from the Gate of Anguish.



"Beyond the Gate of Anguish lies the Foundry of Failed Creations."
Tell me about the Foundry of Failed Creations.
"Before Abaddon regained power and the Margonites overwhelmed us, the Foundry detained particularly troublesome Margonite prisoners. The foulest of those incarcerated was an ancient demonic spirit known as "The Fury." When it broke free of its shackles, the Fury sundered its surroundings, only to reassemble them to mimic the twisted visions trapped inside its cruel mind."
What will we find inside the Foundry?
"Inside the Foundry is the Door of Komalie...a passage to the realm of the living. Countless Titans wander these halls. They are sick, twisted creatures formed by tormented souls. The followers of Dhuum have gathered here under the command of The Fury, seeking to gain favor with Mallyx the Unyielding."

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