Aurek the Scarab Hunter
Aurek the Scarab Hunter
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Aurek the Scarab Hunter is located in Augury Rock near the entrance to Prophet's Path. He informs people of Kepkhet Marrowfeast and her brood of scarabs.



"For years I have hunted the elusive and deadly Kepkhet, Queen of the Scarabs. Every time I have closed in on her location, she and her brood move on and seem to disappear into thin air again. Recently, I have noticed a pattern in their selection of nesting sites. It seems that they always travel to places where death is abundant, building their nests among rotting corpses and on blood-soaked grounds, usually places of warfare, sacrifice, or slaughter. It has been my life's quest to see that Kepkhet meets her end, but I seem to be getting nowhere on my own. If you go to face her, I pray the gods keep you company. Without them, I fear you will not be long for this world."


Aurek's reference to places where death is abundant is an allusion to the overfarming of griffons that occurred in that area of the crystal desert before the addition of the scarabs.

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