Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Attis guards the entrance into the Unwaking Waters mission location.

Quests Involved In



Before Gyala Hatchery:

"Why are you here? If you truly wish to serve the Luxons, go to the Gyala Hatchery. It's the time of the year when we move the baby turtles to safer areas, and we need all the help we can get. <character name> really should journey there. "
"Did you need anything else?"

Before Journey to the Whirlpool:

"<character name> might want to journey to the Leviathan Pits and speak with Petras. Perhaps he know where Master Togo went. I can't let you in here unless he is with you, you know."
"Did you wish to discuss something else?"

During Journey to the Whirlpool, while not accompanied by Master Togo:

"Petras sent you with Master Togo? Well, where is he, then? I don't see him. <character name> should bring him here, then I can let you in."
"Is there something else you need to discuss?"

During Journey to the Whirlpool, while accompanied by Master Togo:

"The Luxon Champions await you at the whirlpool. Be wary: there is great evil in this place."

After the aforementioned quest:

"Please continue on through."

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