Skill details
Assault Enchantments
Assault Enchantments
Campaign: Nightfall Assassin-icon
Profession: Assassin
Attribute: Critical Strikes
Type: Elite Skill
DualAttack required   5 Energy ¼ Activation 8 Recharge

Full: Must follow a dual attack. Target foe loses all enchantments.

Concise: Removes all enchantments. Must follow a dual attack.


Signet of Capture:


  • This is one of the few skills that can remove enchantments that prevent spell targeting, for example Spell Breaker and Obsidian Flesh.
  • This skill is essentially unlinked.
  • This skill may be used multiple times following a single dual attack, making it useful against foes that quickly re-enchant themselves such as Protection Prayers monks.


  • The daggers pictured in the skill's icon are Steel Daggers, with the white-blue rarity skin.

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