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This is a quick reference to Assassin unique items from Factions, sorted alphabetically. For unique items for all campaigns or specific to another campaign, refer to the following lists:

Note: Unique items from Shing Jea Island do not have perfect stats, and thus are listed separately.

Weapon Damage Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Arius' Sai Piercing Energy +5 Sundering 20/20 Enchantments +20% Arius, Dark Apostle
Ceremonial Daggers Piercing +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Adept of Shadows
Chkkr's Pincers Piercing +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 3/-1 HP +30 Chkkr Locust Lord
Daggers of Xuekao Piercing +15% (while enchanted) Sundering 20/20 Enchantments +20% Xuekao, the Deceptive
Darkroot's Daggers Piercing +15% (while enchanted) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Darkroot Entrop
Everthorn's Chakrams Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Bramble Everthorn
Falaharn's Split Chakrams Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Silencing HP +30 Falaharn Mistwarden
Warden of Saprophytes
Kaolin Daggers Piercing +15% (Energy -5) Silencing AR +7 vs Elemental Assassin's Construct
Kenshi's Butterfly Daggers Slashing +15% (Energy -5) Zealous 1/-1 AR +7 vs Physical Kenshi Steelhand
Lou's Karambits Slashing +15% (while in a stance) Sundering 20/20 HP +30 Lou, of the Knives
Onata's Shards Piercing +15% (vs. hexed foes) Crippling HP +30 Silent Ancient Onata
Razorfang's Claws Slashing +15% (AR -10
(while attacking))
Silencing HP +30 Razorfang Hazeclaw
Shiro's Blades Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 3/-1 HP +30 Adept of Shadows
Shreader's Talons Piercing +15% (vs. hexed foes) Barbed HP +30 Shreader Sharptongue
Shrouded Oni Daggers Piercing +15% (Energy -5) Vampiric 3/-1 HP +30 Shrouded Oni
Ssaresh's Kris Daggers Lightning +15% (vs. hexed foes) Shocking HP +30 Ssaresh Rattler
Ungues of the Oni Slashing +15% (Energy -5) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Oni
Urkal's Kamas Slashing +15% (while enchanted) Vampiric 3/-1 Dagger Mastery +1 (20%) Urkal the Ambusher

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