Ascalon Bow
Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s): Marksmanship
Damage Type(s): Piercing damage
Bow Class: Varies
Common: Wood Planks
Rare: unknown

The Ascalon Bow is unique amongst the bows. Given out solely by Collectors or as a quest reward, it can have the attributes of any specific bow class (depends upon where it is obtained from). All Ascalon Bows have the same appearance.

Most quest reward Ascalon Bows also come with a weapon upgrade in the form of a Bow Grip. You can also add a Bowstring or replace the existing grip, however you cannot salvage an Ascalon Bow, even if you've added an upgrade to it.

There are ten (10) available Ascalon Bows from Collectors that do the maximum damage for a bow (15-28). Below is a list of each collector, what they're collecting and the characteristic of that particular Ascalon Bow. For details on each bow and where to find it, follow the link to the collector trading it.

Dye Effects

Most colors the wooden parts of the bow. Most dye affects the bow normally, however black dye produces a dark grey, and silver dye darkens mixes rather than brightening them.


  • As of the July 13, 2006 game upgrade, the bow class is now included in the name.

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