Arrow Bow

An arrow

An arrow is the projectile launched from a bow. In Guild Wars, a player equipped with a bow effectively has an infinite amount of arrows, which take up no inventory space. Arrows themselves have no differing or special characteristics, as it is the bow that adds any variance in performance. Some Preparations, such as Apply Poison, affect the appearance of arrows.

  • Ranger Preparation skills and Marksmanship skills increase the effectiveness of arrows.
  • Some Stances protect against arrows.
  • Because they are projectiles, they can be dodged by movement. This is usually done by strafing or moving laterally.
  • The projectiles fired by bone fiends are not arrows.
  • In high-lag situations, a character's arrow sometimes gets stuck in their hand, between drawing it and firing it. This unusual visual effect can remain even when performance returns to normal, until rezoning.

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