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Name Target Armor Duration Stats Notes Skill type Attr Cam
Defy Pain Defy Pain Self +20 20s
    5 Adrenaline        
+Max Health, damage reduction Elite Skill Warrior-icon-smallStr P
Dolyak Signet Dolyak Signet Self +10...34 8...18s
            20 Recharge
Cannot be knocked down, move 75% slower Signet Warrior-icon-smallStr P
Defensive Stance Defensive Stance Self +10 1...4s
    5 Adrenaline     8 Recharge
75% chance to block physical attacks, end if a skill is used Stance Warrior-icon-smallTact C
Disciplined Stance Disciplined Stance Self +10 1...3s
    5 Energy     15 Recharge
75% chance to block attacks, end if adrenal skill used Stance Warrior-icon-smallTact P
Healing Signet Healing Signet Self -40 Activation time
        2 Activation 4 Recharge
Gain +Health when ends Signet Warrior-icon-smallTact C
"Shields Up!" "Shields Up!" Earshot +60 5...10s
    10 Energy     30 Recharge
Against projectile attacks Shout Warrior-icon-smallTact C
"Watch Yourself!" "Watch Yourself!" Earshot +5...21 10s
    4 Adrenaline     4 Recharge
ends after 10 attacks Shout Warrior-icon-smallTact C
Fertile Season Fertile Season Spirit Range +8 15...39s
    15 Energy 5 Activation 60 Recharge
+Max Health Nature Ritual Ranger-icon-smallBeast P
Barbed Arrows Barbed Arrows Self -40 Activation time
    10 Energy 2 Activation 12 Recharge
Arrows cause Bleeding for 3...13 seconds Preparation Ranger-icon-smallWS N
Dryder's Defenses Dryder's Defenses Self +34...55 vs elemental damage 5...10s
    5 Energy     60 Recharge
75% chance to evade attacks Stance Ranger-icon-smallWS P
Convert Hexes Convert Hexes Target other ally Special 8...18s
    15 Energy 1 Activation 12 Recharge
Remove hexes, for each necro hex gain +10 armor Spell Monk-icon-smallProt C
Shield of Deflection Shield of Deflection Target ally +15...27 1...9s
    10 Energy ¼ Activation 10 Recharge
75% chance to block attacks Elite Enchantment Spell Monk-icon-smallProt P
Shield of Regeneration Shield of Regeneration Target ally +40 5..11..13s
    15 Energy ¼ Activation 8 Recharge
+Health regen Elite Enchantment Spell Monk-icon-smallProt C
Elemental Resistance Elemental Resistance Self +40 vs elemental damage, -24...-12 vs physical damage 30...78s
    10 Energy     20 Recharge
Stance Mesmer-icon-smallInsp P
Physical Resistance Physical Resistance Self +40 vs physical damage, -24...-12 vs elemental damage 30...78s
    10 Energy     20 Recharge
Stance Mesmer-icon-smallInsp P
Armor of Earth Armor of Earth Self +24...53 30s
    10 Energy ¾ Activation 15 Recharge
Move 50...21% slower Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallEarth C
Kinetic Armor Kinetic Armor Self +20...68 8s
    15 Energy 3 Activation 60 Recharge
Renew this spell when a spell is cast Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallEarth P
Obsidian Flesh Obsidian Flesh Self +20 8...18s
    25 Energy 1 Activation 30 Recharge
Cannot be targeted by spells, cannot attack, -2 energy degeneration Elite Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallEarth C
Ward Against Elements Ward Against Elements Ward +24 vs elemental damage 8...18s
    15 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
Ward Spell Elementalist-icon-smallEarth P
Armor of Frost Armor of Frost Self +40 vs physical damage 10...29s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 45 Recharge
Ends if fire magic is used Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallWater P
Armor of Mist Armor of Mist Self +10...34 8...18s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 30 Recharge
Movement +33% Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallWater P
Frigid Armor Frigid Armor Self +10...34 vs physical damage 5...22s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
Cannot be set on fire. Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallWater N
Ward Against Harm Ward Against Harm Ward +12...22 vs non-fire damage, +12...50 vs fire damage 8...18s
    15 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
Elite Ward Spell Elementalist-icon-smallWater P
Feigned Neutrality Feigned Neutrality Self +80 4...9s
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 25 Recharge
+Health regen, end if attack or use skill. Enchantment Spell Assassin-icon-smallShadow N
Shadowy Burden Shadowy Burden Target foe -20 vs caster's attacks 3...13s
    10 Energy ¼ Activation 15 Recharge
Moves 25% slower, if no other hex on, -armor Hex Spell Assassin-icon-smallShadow F
Mighty Was Vorizun Mighty Was Vorizun Self +15 15...51s
    5 Energy 2 Activation 30 Recharge
+30 Max Energy Item Spell Ritualist-icon-smallComm F
Protective Was Kaolai Protective Was Kaolai Self +10 15...51s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 25 Recharge
Heal party 10...70 health when dropped Item Spell Ritualist-icon-smallRest F
Resilient Weapon Resilient Weapon Target ally +24 3...10s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 6 Recharge
Require hex or condition active for +armor & +Health regen Weapon Spell Ritualist-icon-smallRest F
Tranquil Was Tanasen Tranquil Was Tanasen Self +10...22 5...17s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
Cannot be interrupted Elite Item Spell Ritualist-icon-smallRest F
"Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!" Earshot +24 5...17s
    10 Energy     20 Recharge
While not moving Shout Paragon-icon-smallComm N
Aggressive Refrain Aggressive Refrain Self -20 5...21s
    25 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
25% IAS. Reapplies whenever a shout/chant ends on user Echo Paragon-icon-smallLead N
Soldier's Fury Soldier's Fury Self -20 10...30s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 5 Recharge
While under effects of shout/chant, 33% IAS, gain 33% more adrenaline Elite Echo Paragon-icon-smallLead N
Conviction Conviction Self {{{armorbonus}}} 10s
    5 Energy     10 Recharge
Flash Enchantment Spell Dervish-icon-smallEarth N
Avatar of Balthazar Avatar of Balthazar Self +40 15...63s
    5 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
+33% movement, attacks deal holy Elite Form Dervish-icon-smallMyst N

PvE only

Name Target Armor Duration Stats Notes Skill type Attr
"I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" self +24 16...20s
    5 Energy     30 Recharge
Shout Norn E
"Save Yourselves!" "Save Yourselves!" other party members +100 4...6s
    8 Adrenaline        
Shout Warrior-icon-smallKurzick/Luxon F
Shadow Sanctuary Shadow Sanctuary Self +40 10s
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 30 Recharge
+Health regen, blinded for 5 seconds. Enchantment Spell Assassin-icon-smallKurzick/Luxon F
Ursan Blessing Ursan Blessing Self +20 60s
    10 Energy     60 Recharge
Elite Form Norn E
Ebon Battle Standard of Courage Ebon Battle Standard of Courage Ward +24 14...20s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
additional +24 vs. Charr Ward Spell Vanguard E
Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Armor target ally +24 22...40s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge
+60 maximum health, additional +24 vs. Destroyers Enchantment Spell Deldrimor E
Critical Agility Critical Agility Self +15...23 4...16s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 30 Recharge
Reapplies when you land a critical hit. Enchantment Spell Assassin-icon-smallSunspear N

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