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Armin Saberlin
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 2, 5

Armin Saberlin, Pre-Searing

Armin Saberlin is a fairly well-armed looking warrior and a member of the Ascalon guards.

Quests Given



"Pleasant breeze today...but don't let it distract you from the task at hand. What is it you want to discuss? "

Master Armin Saberlin, Post-Searing

Master Armin Saberlin has followed Prince Rurik to lead the refugees across the Shiverpeak Mountains.

Quests Given


  • Beacon's Perch (he is named Master Saberlin here; it could be his son, but it's more than likely Armin)


In Fort Ranik mission:

"It is a dark day in the history of Ascalon when the Wall has been breached and her soldiers flee from the fight."

In Beacon's Perch:

"I am Master Saberlin. These refugees are tired and hungry, and their journey is far from over."


During the Fort Ranik Mission:

  • "Destroy the enemy!"
  • "Die, you mangy beasts!"
  • "Don't let them get to Fort Ranik."
  • "I'll teach you to mess with Ascalon!"
  • "It's them or us, boys!"
  • "Try to invade my home, will you."


  • Armin has a son named Deeter.

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