Architect champs dawn
Species: Human
Profession: None
Level(s): 8, 10 (20)


Architects can be found in several parts of Istan.



"I only use real Elonian ironreed in my construction."

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"Have you seen the great monument to Palawa Joko? A magnificent accomplishment."
"I never venture into the Desolation. I' to sand."
"The Crystal Sea was once beautiful. But the desert erases all memory of the past."
"There are ruins in the desert I would very much like to study. If you happen to see them, do let me know."
"There used to be buildings in the Desolation, great cities of beauty. They were all eaten by wurms."

After completing Abaddon's Gate (mission):

"I think I will put a statue of you in front of the new central hall. You have a magnificent profile for stonework."
"I've been commissioned to make a new Sunspear hall. Istan will be so lovely."
"I've thrown out everything and am starting all over. Kormir would be so proud."
"Nightfall was horrible. But in its aftermath we can build a new and better foundation for Istan."
"We're rebuilding Istan. It's so exciting!"

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