Arayah Expert Paragon
Species: Human
Profession: Paragon
Level(s): 20


Arayah is a Paragon expert for the Sunspears. He teaches about skills that use adrenaline.

Quests Involved In



To Paragons or those without a secondary profession:

"What are you doing? Hurry! We don't have much time! Those corsairs could be back any minute now!"
Tell me about adrenaline.
"Some skills do not use Energy. Instead, they use adrenaline. Adrenaline is built up during combat and is measured in "strikes". One strike of adrenaline is gained every time a Warrior successfully lands an attack on an opponent, or when a Warrior takes one quarter of his total Health in damage. Each adrenal skill builds and uses adrenaline on its own. However, when an adrenal skill is used, it will cause all adrenal skills to lose one strike of adrenaline."

During quest Secondary Training:

"Hurry, hurry, there isn't a moment to waste. The spear is a deadly weapon, but you have to see your enemy coming. Ambush is your bane! One, two, throw! No time to chatter, no time for anything, those corsairs have killed people and burned the village. You don't want that to happen again! Do you want to learn spearmastery? Yes, yes, I'll teach you, but you've got to hurry up!"
Can you teach me some Paragon skills?
(Arayah teaches the skills Wild Throw and Barbed Spear)
Tell me about adrenaline.
(see above)

To those of other professions with the secondary profession already chosen:

"Speed is of the essence. What are you waiting for? Get out there and fight some corsairs!"

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