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Example of Character in Gwen-chan form

The 1st day of April, 2009, known as April Fools' Day, was celebrated in all cities, mission locations, and outposts. During the day all player characters level 2 and higher in these locations looked like Gwen-chan.


  • Only a few emote commands have corresponding animations:
    • /afk
    • /beckon
    • /cheer
    • /clap
    • /fistshake
    • /flute (accompanied by a flute melody)
    • /point
    • /rank
    • /sit
    • /stand
    • /zrank
  • Walking backwards, or slower than normal (for instance on the ice in Marhan's Grotto/Frozen isle) in this form caused the character to skip as Gwen does.
  • Using a Form or Disguise did not change the appearance of the character.
  • Exiting to an explorable area or mission removed the effect.
  • Level one players were not affected.
  • Due to how low to the ground Gwen-chan stands, zooming into first-person view caused your screen to view partly under the ground, creating some strange visual side-effects when moving.

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