This is a mission entry. For information on the location Amatz Basin, see Amatz Basin (location).

Challenge Mission. Save as many refugees as you can in 10 minutes. Every 25 saved grants a 60 second time bonus. You will earn XP, gold, and Faction (Kurzick) based on your success on completion of the mission.

The Kurzick Refugees come from three different directions-each point is guarded by Wardens. As time passes, the wardens grow in number, but the refugees do not. Each refugee is only "saved" once they run into a teleportation portal.


Save as many Kurzick refugees as possible before time elapses.


The first time you score 100 points or more, your account's Kurzick faction cap will be raised by 1000. In addition, you will receive cash, experience, and faction based on how many points you score (P) compared to the monthly high score (H), as follows (all formulas are rounded down):

  • Faction: 2000 * P / H
  • Experience: 1000 * P / H
  • Gold: 500 * P / H

The higher the best monthly score is, the lower the ratio will be. In addition, you can get a bonus reward for beating the high score:

High score beaten Faction bonus Gold bonus
Daily 4000 500Gold
30-day 8000 1000Gold
90-day 16000 200Gold




Factions Campaign Challenge Missions
Dragon's ThroatAltrumm Ruins (Kurzick), Zos Shivros Channel (Luxon)Amatz Basin (Kurzick), The Aurios Mines (Luxon)

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