Altrumm Ruins
Altrumm Ruins
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: Echovald Forest
Arborstone (explorable),
House zu Heltzer

For information on the mission, see Altrumm Ruins (mission).


The vast ruins of Altrumm are thought by most historians to be all that remains of the first great Kurzick city, destroyed by some ancient and mysterious catastrophe. The Kurzicks themselves claim their ancestors did not build the structures found here. If this is true, then Altrumm certainly influenced Kurzick architectural sensibilities.

Getting there

Complete the Arborstone mission.




Altrumm Ruins


  • This is the location for a Challenge Mission. As such, it is not necessary to complete this mission to continue the storyline. Simply accept and follow Headmaster Amara's quest.

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