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Acolyte of Lyssa
Acolyte of Lyssa
Species: Human
Profession: Dervish
Level(s): 28(30)
Acolyte of Lyssa Map
Location in Sunward Marches


Acolyte of Lyssa is a Kournan dervish boss that can be found in Morzek Garrison in the middle of Sunward Marches.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • If you're having trouble defeating the boss and have the quest And a Hero Shall Lead Them, you can use the 8 captured sunspears as a bonus fighting force. As long as one of those captured sunspears survives you can even finish the quest.
  • The greatest advantage of Avatar of Lyssa is the bonus damage when attacking a foe who is activating a skill. Using skills like Faintheartedness to slow down the Acolyte's attack speed helps negate this advantage.
  • One way to make the fight easier is to wait until the form wears off.
  • In Hard Mode, this boss will constantly have the form on.

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