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Species: Human
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 6...15

Abasi, Hunter Henchman

Abasi is a Ranger henchman available in the Nightfall Campaign. Apparently, he was once a corsair.


Skills used



  • Spreads degeneration.


  • Has no defensive or self healing skills.
  • No Interrupts.


"As a corsair, I was known as Evil Eye Abasi. Some men have pasts they are ashamed of. Mine is a dark ocean of regret. In the Sunspears, I have a chance to repay Istan for the harm I did her shores. Gehraz spared me. I will not forget that I owe him my life... even when I did not deserve the gift."


Idle quotes:

  • "I do what I can for the Sunspears, but I'll never really be one of them, savvy? I'm nothing but a corsair. I was born a corsair and I'll die one. But maybe, somewhere in the middle, I can find forgiveness for that accident of birth."
  • "I know how to fight corsairs, son. Break them over their own masts, use their cannons against them, and dash their spirit. It's easy to destroy a man once you know where he's weak. Trust me, I know."
  • "No one is more fanatic than a man who has changed his faith."

Battle quotes:

  • "Don't worry about this one. He's already dead. He just doesn't know it yet."
  • "For the Sunspears!"
  • "He won't know what hit him."
  • "Learn from your enemy. If he shows fear, use it."
  • "Loose the ten-pounders and rock the jib! These'll be dead before the water rises!"
  • "Meet the blade… and the master!"
  • "Not all Sunspears fight like gentlemen, son."
  • "Over the edge, my fine fellow."
  • "Run, brigands! This is your last warning!"
  • "Sand in the eyes! Point for me."
  • "Shatter the knee!"
  • "That wound may look like a nick, but Grenth comes for you. Just give him a moment..."
  • "What do you fear more? Dying? Or living?"
  • "Yaaaarrrr!"

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