1. Travel to Fahranur.
  2. Kill insects and gather 10 Scarab Spores for Scholar Chago. 0...10 of 10 spores gathered.
  3. See Scholar Chago for your reward.

Obtained from

Scholar Chago in The Astralarium


Nightfall Character
A Perplexing Plague



"I have a theory about the plague, but I cannot be certain until I have performed some experiments. If you are still willing to help me, I would appreciate if you could travel back to Fahranur and gather spores from the insects that live there. I think they may have had more to do with the plague than I previously suspected. If you can get me at least 10 spores, I should have enough to perform my experiments."
Accept: "Bug squashing time!"
Reject: "Are you kidding me? I'm not going back there!"
When asked about quest: "Please, go to Fahranur and gather 10 scarab spores from the insects that have infested the place. I need them for my experiments."

Reward Dialogue

"Chuusi! Excellent! These seem to be in good condition."


A Delayed Delivery


A good place to start is from Jokanur Diggings, enter the explorable area of Fahranur, The First City and start killing insects. Once collected the ten required, return to Chago for your reward and the next quest.


  • Second in a chain of five quests:
  1. A Perplexing Plague
  2. A Troubling Theory
  3. A Delayed Delivery
  4. A Stolen Spore
  5. A Mysterious Missive

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