1. Follow the road northwest from town. Talk to Lady Althea at the Actor's Stage.

Obtained from

Haversdan in Lakeside County (just outside Ascalon City)


Primary profession: Mesmer
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
Further Adventures



"If you'd like to become a better Mesmer, I suggest you talk to Lady Althea at the Actor's Stage here in Lakeside County. Simply follow the road northwest from town to find the stage."
Accept: "Thanks for the suggestion."
Reject: "I'll go my own way. thanks."

Reward Dialogue

"I can teach you more about Illusion Magic. Once you've learned what I have to teach, however, I recommend you seek out other trainers to learn new skills."


Follow the road up the hill northwest from Haversdan. Lady Althea is at the top of the hill.

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