1. Help Curator Ruras unearth a fossil for his "Tyrian Investors."
  2. Bring the fossilized shellfish to Curator Ruras.
  3. Escort Curator Ruras to Lair of the Forgotten.
  4. See Curator Ruras for your reward.

Obtained from

Curator Ruras in Poisoned Outcrops



"<name>, you seem like someone who gets around, and since my previous guide is incompetent, perhaps you could help me. I am looking for rare artifacts, perhaps something that would prove this arid place was once a deep sea. I have serious backing from investors in Rin, so I shall make it worth the effort. Will you lend me assistance?"
Accept: "Digging in the dirt? Sounds adventurous..."
Reject: "Who knows? In 1,000 years even you may be worth something..."

Intermediate Dialogue (Curator Ruras)

"Ah yes, this should do quite well. I would be happy to give you your reward now, but after my previous problems I have learned my lesson. I shall not pay you until you have finished your work. Help me get to the Lair of the Forgotten, and you shall have your pay."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you for your assistance. It is such a relief to work with someone competent after being surrounded by fools for so long. If you can believe this... some even had the audacity to suggest we all were dead! Ha! Do I look like a ghost to you? Anyway, here is the reward that was promised you."


Getting Even


The fossil is found to the north-west, in a Pile of Rocks in the centre of a large-ish open area. Once Curator Ruras receives the fossil, he will want a safe journey to the Lair of the Forgotten portal. He does not join the party as an ally and moves slowly.


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