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  1. Speak with Gwen in the Hall of Monuments .
  2. Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray in the Ice Cliff Chasms .
  3. Speak with Valgar Tempestcrafter, the Norn metallurgist in Olafstead.
  4. Take the family crest pendant to Lefsi Spiritchaser in Varajar Fells . Don't take Gwen with you.
  5. Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray.
  6. Speak with Gwen.
  7. See Lieutenant Thackeray for your reward.

Obtained from

  • Lieutenant Thackeray
  • (Just outside Eyes of the North outpost)


  • 5,000 Experience
  • 500 Gold
  • 500 Vanguard Reputation Points


Lieutenant Thackeray: Hey.

Lieutenant Thackeray: How is going?

Lefsi Spiritchaser: Hear me, Raven!

Lefsi Spiritchaser: We beseech you, oh spirit of trickery and cunning.

Lefsi Spiritchaser: Send us an emissary from the land of dead.

Lefsi Spiritchaser: Imbue this pendant with your spirit to protect this bearer.

Lefsi Spiritchaser: Welcome, spirit, back to the mortal realm. What connection do you have with the Sigil of this pendant?

Sarah : This design was for my daughter, I embroidered it on her clothes when she was a child. I can feel she has been much saddened through hardship and loneliness, and i weep for her.

Lefsi Spiritchaser: I give a price of my heart to ensure her happiness and give her strength. Tell her i have never forgotten her, that i will always love her.

Lefsi Spiritchaser: It is done, the spirit has spoken. Return with this pendant, now imbued with the spirit of family.

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