20/+1, or simply 20/1, is shorthand for a weapon, shield, or focus item that gives the wielder a 20% chance of +1 <attribute> during skill usage. This modification can apply to any attribute for any profession, and it is not unusual for the item and increased attribute to be completely unrelated - for example, a shield with a 20% chance of +1 Earth Magic. See the Weapon upgrade article for more details on which items can carry which bonuses.


  • A common mistake for new players is to overlook the caveat that the bonus only applies on skill usage, and is not simply a passive +1 as a rune or headgear would give.
  • Items with the 20/+1 attribute are sometimes used when casting Enchantments or other long-lasting effects. The skill is used repeatedly until the 20% chance triggers, and then a "swap" to a "functional" set is performed.

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