"The Gooch"
The Gooch
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


"The Gooch" is a rollerbeetle racer and the owner of Greased Lightning.



"You know what the secret is to having a fast beetle? Obviously you don't, or you'd be as successful as I am. But I'll tell you only because I pity you. The trick is... you've got to grease 'em up, really good. Get 'em all slick like."

Did you just say you grease the beetle?

That's right! You've really got to work it in, give it a healthy shine and lube every nook and cranny. Don't miss a single spot on that shell. There are some folks who say that's cheating. Those people I casually refer to as "sore losers"."

Please excuse me. I have a restraining order waiting for me with your name on it.


  • "The Gooch" was the bully's name in the T.V. show "Different Strokes".

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