Disambiguous This article is about an actor NPC found in Tihark Orchard (mission). For the actual lord of the undead, see Palawa Joko.
"Palawa Joko"
Palawa Joko
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 20 (26)


"Palawa Joko" is a Necromancer, specializing in Blood Magic. He can be found during the Tihark Orchard mission. Of course he isn't the real Palawa Joko, but an actor who got too drunk during the festivities and believes he's the real thing.


Skills used


"I am *hiccup* the mighty Palawa joko! *burp* You don't shtand a chance *hiccup* against me!"


At the beginning of the fight:

"On this day, Palawa Joko will prove victorious!"

After defeating him:

"Turai Ossa, you are the victor. I, Palawa Joko, scourge of Vabbi, yield to you!"

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